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Children's Dentistry

A child’s first visit to the dentist should be enjoyable, and instill a positive perception of dental health. Our office makes a special effort to use pleasant, non-frightening, simple words to describe each treatment. We want you and your child to feel at ease from the moment your family arrives at our office. The more you and your child know about the first visit, the better you’ll feel!

When To Visit

Children should visit the dentist at the sign of their first tooth or their first birthday. It is important that your child’s newly-erupted teeth (erupting at six to 12 months of age) receive proper dental care and benefit from proper oral hygiene habits right from the beginning.

What Can You Do

As your child’s teeth erupt, be sure to examine them every two weeks, looking for lines and discoloration that may be caused by decay. Remember that sugary foods and liquids can attack a new tooth, so take care that your child brushes their teeth after eating.

Habits At Home

We recommend brushing four times a day for optimal oral hygiene: after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner, and at bedtime. Flossing is also critical to healthy growth, and we recommend a regular checkup every six months to make sure that teeth are clean, healthy, and growing in properly.

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